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For the development of the 728 Jet, we have designed, built an installed an engineering simulator. Its main purposes was to provide a tool for the development of flight dynamics and flight controls. Therefore, the systems had to be laid out with several interfaces for custom soft- and hardware components.

The simulator consists of the following components:

cockpit with 3-channel control loading system
image generation with 3-channel projection system
instructor station
data monitoring station
two developer stations
real-time links to Iron Bird and Avionics Test Bench

Within its lifetime, the simulator has been upgraded several times according to the on-going development of the jet itself. It has been linked to the Avionics Test Bench and to the Iron Bird for interactive testing of the avionics equipment.

The 728 Engineering Simulator has been operated successfully for over 5 years until the insolvency of our customer Fairchild- Dornier and its successor FDAI.


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